The project is intended to function as an alternative platform that questions the qualities of an artist studio as specific personal and private space, reconsidering it in its public values.

It consists of the temporary sharing of artists' studios in form of one night event collective show and the development of processes of resources sharing when the artists move due to their professionals commitments.
Focusing on its social prospective it considers the relationship between the artist and his/her working space, how the artistic mobility changed the use of it and formulated possibilities of conceiving site specific productions in shared studios.
The project aims to address the issue through a process of mapping and documentation, through drawings, photographs and video of the studios that will be used, chosen in relation to the specific contexts of different kind such as the actual need for work space and equipment for the realization on site of works intended to an already scheduled exhibition/event or simply the fundamental urgency to share worlds, works and knowledge.

Project by Stefania Migliorati



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